MMO Addons

Rift Super meter Addon



Absorb to heal converter.
14 combat modes, Damage, Healing, Absorbs, Blocks etc.
View and sort by combat mode stats for both allies and enemies.
Combat mode breakdowns by ability for both allies and enemies.
Combat mode specific data and percents are detailed in ability tooltips.
Damage types for ability's are detailed in ability tooltips (Life, Death etc).
4 unit display sizes: Self, 5 Slots, 10 Slots or 20 Slots.
3 unit display styles: white text, calling coloured text or calling coloured bars.
Export stats for both allies and enemies.
View past sessions, and view past session stats.
Merge all sessions, to view all sessions as one.
Session manager, where you can import, export or delete sessions.
Player combat log and death log.

Add Or Remove Filters:

Open "SuperMeter-Filter.lua" with wordpad or similar.
Copy any line and paste it in the section you wish to edit, then rename it.
Backup your changes to a text file.
Then simply /reloadui in game.
Install Instructions

Exit rift completely.
Open the location where your addons are installed.
Delete your current Super Meter folder.
Extract and install new version.
Start rift and play.

Slash Commands:

/sm alpha - Changes the alpha of the Super Meter window
/sm converter - To disable/enable the Super Meter absorb converter
/sm group - To disable/enable the group combat detector
/sm help - To open the Super Meter help file
/sm log - To disable/enable the Super Meter player death log
/sm performance - To toggle Super Meter performance mode
/sm reset - Resets Super Meter to its default settings
/sm self - To disable/enable self colour coded blue
/sm switch - To disable/enable Super Meter
/sm toggle - Toggles the Super Meter frame and reduces CPU usage