MMO Addons

Rift SimpleMeter Addon


SimpleMeter is an easy-to-use DPS/HPS meter that shows damage and healing for both allies and enemies.


View and sort by DPS/HPS/Damage/Healing/etc for both allies and enemies
Damage/healing breakdowns by ability for both allies and enemies
4 display modes (All, Self, Top 5, Totals)
Export stats for both allies and enemies
View past encounters
Keep track of stats across all encounters
Ally/Enemy names color-coded by calling

Installation Instructions

Download the addon
Open Rift
From character select, click the "Addons" button at the bottom
Click the "Open Addon Directory" button
Wait for the directory to open up
Put the SimpleMeter folder into that directory
Return to Rift
Click "Refresh"
Play the game!