MMO Addons

Rift Rift meter Addon


How to use
Set sort mode by right clicking the header bar
Navigate through the modes by clicking the rows (left, right and middle clicks)
Scroll if the items exceed the shown rows

Navigate through past encounters
Sort by damage/heal/damage taken/...
Breakdown per unit (middle click on player in combat overview)
Pet stats are added to the owner and listed separately
In order to view the recorded combats, you have to right click inside RiftMeter to get to the combats overview
To view more detailed information about a player, you have to left click on a player's row
Getting back from the abilities mode to the combat mode is possible by a right click inside RiftMeter

Slash Commands
/rm hide - Hide addon frame
/rm show - Show addon frame
/rm default - Restore default settings
/rm config
/rm toggle