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Rift King boss mods Addon


Extract the Zip. Copy folder within the extracted zip to your addons folder.

This Addon includes fully tested support for all Rift instanced raiding content, including full support for: Endless Eclipse, Frozen Tempest, Triumph of the Dragon Queen, All base level 50 Raids and Slivers, and Expert and Master Dungeons. Various new and existing features are being included on a regular basis including; Mechanic Timers, Custom Mechanic Monitors (e.g. Rune King Molinar and Kolmasveli), Encounter Timers, Tank Swap monitors, Adjustable boss casting bars, Boss cast bar ability filtering, Enrage Timers and many more.

Automatically tracks all tanks simultaneously and displays debuff stack and duration information.
Full tracking of tank stack and debuff duration by any raid member.
Displays each tanks HP bar, updates real-time.
Tracks and displays all tanks death states.
Advanced Encounter Tracking

Each supported boss encounter includes the following:

Encounter timer display in MM:SS format.
Enrage timer display in MM:SS format. (where applicable)
Main boss always visible castbar tracking. (skill filters where supported)
Selection of optional mechanic or skill timers and screen alerts.
Phase tracking display. (where applicable)
Objective tracking display. (where applicable)
Ready Check support with overview.
Rez Master, combat res monitor.
Dynamic timers which can change duration during an encounter.

Customize the size of all Timers, Alerts, Castbars and Phase Tracking.
Customize individual colors of Timers, Alerts and Cast filters.
English, German, Russian, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and French client support.
Advanced dynamic linked interrupt engine. Links cast interrupts and alert triggers.


/kbmoff Turns off the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmversion Displays the current version in chat.
/kbmreset Try this before using /reloadui, or if the encounter has ended in success didn't announce a victory.
/kbmon Turns on the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmoptions Toggle the GUI Options screen on/off).
/kbmhelp Display these commands in-game).

/ReloadUI Use this in-case of any errors during the encounter. It'll reset it and the monitor "should" continue from where it left off.