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Rift KaruulAlert Addon


nspired by WoW's Power Auras this is a fully configurable alerting system. Track what you want how you want. Setup alerts for such things as...

A debuff you want to keep up on your target
Your focus is low on life
An ability just came off cooldown
You are running low on mana
much much more...
Getting Started:

As KaruulAlert is completely customizable it needs to know a little about your character before you start. So the first thing you should do is open the configuration panel and enable the ability scanner. This will now start building the list of buffs and abilities for you to set alerts for.

1. Open configuration (/karuulalert)

2. Check the Enable Ability Scanner check box at the lower left of configuration the screen

At this point you will have a good amount of items to choose from but to get the full list of what you can do play around a little. Switch roles, buff up, click on random players (load their buffs too). Once done disable the ability scanner to save resources. Now you should have all you need to get going. First stop Name, what do you want to call this alert you are making? After that it's just a matter of checking off what you want to track, typing in the ability or buff and choosing what your alert will look like.

1. Open configuration (/karuulalert)

2. Enter a Name for your alert

3. Select Buff, Ability, or Resource

4. Select when you want to be notified

5. Select the who the alert will look at

6. Enter the name of the buff/ ability or select the resource.

7. Customize the alert

8. Click Save

You now have an alert for your gaming pleasure.